Targeted Tool Deployment

When an off-the-shelf solution is a viable one for your problem, but some tweaks are still needed for your organization’s ecosystem, that’s where Targeted Tool Deployment comes in. We’ll help you make the necessary adjustments and get the solution deployed.

Benefits of Targeted Tool Deployment

Time and money are important resources for any organization. Targeted Tool Deployment helps you save both. Since the solution isn’t being built from scratch, there’s less labor involved which translates to a shorter time to implementation and fewer hours billed.

We don’t just focus on the “what” and “how” of your operations. We take time to learn the “why.” When we discover the driving force behind your processes, we’re able to quickly identify any misalignments and gaps, which are often opportunities for easy yet valuable solutions.

For example, using Targeted Tool Deployment to adjust a tool that is already licensed and in use within your organization to a meet a new need. Which not only saves on additional licensing costs, but is usually easier and faster for your employees to learn and implement.

Case Study

Modernization of the Launch Verification Database (LVDB)

The Launch Verification Database is the cornerstone tool of the 2nd and 5th Space Launch Squadrons for successful mission launches. It enables Guardians to carry out the rigorous oversight and risk analysis required to complete the pre-flight review process.

The need for an improved tool became apparent during our EcoSystem Exploration when issues with a legacy mission assurance tool, built decades ago, were mentioned during interviews with the Spaceforce Responsible Engineers (SFREs). We knew the new tool would have to be scalable—the USSF is rapidly growing. We also knew the tool was going to need some customization as different sites and different launches have slightly different needs.

It was decided to use a highly customized commercial off-the-shelf solution to support quick deployment, significant configurability, and existing security infrastructure and support. We determined the Atlassian suite, specifically Jira and Confluence, as the best to meet these needs, and alongside the 2SLS and 5SLS went to work customizing. The result: today’s modern, enterprise-level LVDB solution.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

They have supported our efforts very willingly and very effectively developing solutions and creating tools to address the needs of the US Space Force.I truly hope to continue working with SMT because we still have a lot to do… Launch is a Team Sport and I’m glad SMT is on the Team!

Leo Childs

Chief Engineer SSC

SMT’s customer interactions deserve the highest marks. They are professional, motivated, and add value to the processes they dive into. We hope to continue to partner with SMT as we continue to transform our processes and tools into more efficient, user-friendly, resilient, and transparent solutions.

Lieutenant Colonel David Schill

5th Space Launch Squadron

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