Solutions Architecture

We know it’s not always realistic to have a solution built immediately or developed by us. That’s why we offer Solutions Architecture. We come in and do the discovery and solution mapping, then hand over the roadmap and specs so it can be developed later or with another partner.

Solutions Architecture Gives You Freedom

Have a developer you love and prefer that only they access your environment? Not a problem. We’ll sit down with you to fully flesh out the course of action and make sure you understand the plan so it can be passed off to your preferred developer.

Maybe a critical initiative popped up, and you now suddenly have to divert your resources elsewhere, so you can’t implement it immediately but still want the plan. Or maybe it’s the opposite: You were once too short on manpower to handle the solution development within your organization but now have people in place and prefer to run with it. Both scenarios are the perfect use cases for Solutions Architecture.

Case Study

Space Launch Delta 45 (SLD 45) Innovation Ecosystem

The SLD 45 Innovation Ecosystem is an organizational model designed and implemented by Silicon Mountain and our government partners to bolster the collaboration between squadrons, Delta leadership, and key external organizations to better facilitate the innovation efforts and dissemination of solutions across the Space Launch Delta 45.  

The challenge was to create a structure that was general and flexible enough to apply to SLD 45 sibling organization, convince unwilling leadership, and satisfy the varied visions the stakeholders had for the model.

The solution is a structure that mirrors that of SLD 45. Innovation Accelerators (squadron representatives) work to facilitate and identify the need for and adoption of new tools, while Innovation Cells (various software, data, integrations, and contract acquisition organizations) work to manage, develop, and rapidly deploy the needed new tools.

The implementation of the SLD 45 Innovation Ecosystem has resulted in an explosion of innovative and collaborative efforts across the Delta. With operations centered in SLD 45’s makerspace (The Forge), the Innovation Ecosystem model is proving a productive, sustainable, and holistic methodology for generating innovation within a military organization.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

They have been essential in increasing our efficiencies, helping empower me and others to question more and improve processes, and introduced and trained us in tools to improve our operations.

JD Bower


They’ve been highly responsive and flexible as our requirements and even vision for various projects have changed. The rapid turnaround for updated versions of those projects have allowed us to solidify the concept and generate final products that are more useful and effective than we’d initially envisioned.

Captain James Trexler

5th Space Launch Squadron

Discover Other Solutions


Our unique three-phase discovery process enables us to learn about a work system and identify the highest-value solutions for an organization.

Tool Design

Sometimes off-the-shelf isn’t good enough. If your organization requires a custom solution, our team of designers and architects will build it.

Targeted Tool

Sometimes the best digital solution for your operations is a new twist on an existing solution (can you say shorter timeline and lower expenses?).