Deeper Understanding

At Silicon Mountain, we realize that the individual issue an organization faces is usually symptomatic of a larger problem. We work to get to the root of this issue and understand its impact within the context of your organization.

Benefits of Deeper Understanding

Taking time to develop a deeper understanding before moving forward results in solutions that (1) create a bigger impact (2) last longer, and (3) enable greater user adoption (at least the way we do it).

Since we’re gaining insights into the context of the problem from varying perspectives, we’re able to see related issues and opportunities and account for those when proposing solutions. The result is a more comprehensive solution set with fewer hiccups and unexpected effects on the system.

We don’t just focus on the “what” and “how” of your operations. We take time to learn the “why.” When we discover the driving force behind your processes, we’re able to quickly identify any misalignments and gaps—which are often opportunities for easy yet valuable solutions.

Common Discoveries During Exploration

A solution already exists for our client’s problem and they’re just not aware of it

A misalignment between the tools being used for a task and purpose of the task

An outdated solution is being used and provides a good foundation for understanding how to build the new solution

The root of our client’s problem is usually deeper into their process or workflow than they initially thought

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What Our Clients Are Saying

They have supported our efforts very willingly and very effectively developing solutions and creating tools to address the needs of the US Space Force.I truly hope to continue working with SMT because we still have a lot to do… Launch is a Team Sport and I’m glad SMT is on the Team!

Leo Childs

Chief Engineer SSC

SMT’s customer interactions deserve the highest marks. They are professional, motivated, and add value to the processes they dive into. We hope to continue to partner with SMT as we continue to transform our processes and tools into more efficient, user-friendly, resilient, and transparent solutions.

Lieutenant Colonel David Schill

5th Space Launch Squadron


Whether you need an action plan, a specialized deployment of existing solutions, or custom solutions developed and deployed, we’ve got you covered.


Implementing every solution all at once isn’t always feasible. That’s why we provide a solutions matrix to help clients easily prioritize.