Greater Impact

Houston, we have a problem. The status quo is not working. If it were, you wouldn’t be seeking solutions. We know sticking with the status quo can seem safe, simple, and even like you’re honoring tradition. Which is why we’ve mastered the art of disrupting respectfully.

Purposeful Disruption

We only make changes for the sake of positive organizational impact. That means the change has to result in increased efficiency, performance, ease of use, security, or some other measurable improvement. We do our due diligence during the discovery process so we understand what those impactful changes look like for your organization.

Change does not come easy, although it certainly is easier when you’re working with Silicon Mountain. The support you need to make your case for the proposed changes within your organization already exists in the information we gather during our discovery process. We help you and your organization succeed with the new solutions we’re implementing through in-person training sessions, instructional videos, and more.

We recognize that disruption is crucial for innovation but can be difficult to navigate. We seek to ensure we’re disrupting the correct processes, and we work with your team to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Case Study

EZ Form

An IL4-based Google Forms-style open source solution that we developed and deployed allows users to create their own custom forms as well as respond to forms sent to them. Results are aggregated and shown in customizable charts/graphs that may be downloaded as image files. Responses can also be downloaded as Excel files.

Born from a USAF (United States Air Force) and USSF (United States Space Force) need to identify discrimination of race, sex, and rank among the military branches, which required units to track and report the specifics of each of these characteristics of all involved with each disciplinary action dispensed.

Replaced the existing static, time-consuming, human-error-prone tool used for reporting and tracking while addressing the inability to use commercial solutions due to the Impact Level of the information.

Originally built for Space Launch Delta 45, EZ Form, which we deployed within Platform One, has been widely adopted by other groups across the DoD (Department of Defense) for a variety of other use cases.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

SMT’s customer interactions deserve the highest marks. They are professional, motivated, and add value to the processes they dive into. We hope to continue to partner with SMT as we continue to transform our processes and tools into more efficient, user-friendly, resilient, and transparent solutions.

Lieutenant Colonel David Schill

5th Space Launch Squadron

They have supported our efforts very willingly and very effectively developing solutions and creating tools to address the needs of the US Space Force. I truly hope to continue working with SMT because we still have a lot to do… Launch is a Team Sport and I’m glad SMT is on the Team!

Leo Childs

Chief Engineer SSC


We know there’s more than meets the eye. We get to the root of the issue and understand its impact within the context of your organization.


Whether you need an action plan, a specialized deployment of existing solutions, or custom solutions developed and deployed, we’ve got you covered.