Smarter Innovation

“Create the things you wish existed.” – Unknown
Building on what we know and what’s been done before, we create a unique yet effective solution to a problem that scales for our clients.

Innovation that Makes Sense

You can have the most unique innovation ever, but if it’s hard to understand or use, you’ve fixed one problem and created another. At Silicon Mountain, we’re not into trading problems—we’re into solving them. We ask ourselves what’s going to create the most impact for our clients while being the least taxing on their resources. We consider not just the technical specifications but the user experience and the overall environment in which the solution needs to function.

This means our solutions don’t throw wrenches into other parts of your processes and workflows. It also means you don’t have to deal with any weird workarounds to do things the way your organization needs to do them. So whether you need an action plan, a specialized deployment of existing solutions or custom solutions developed and deployed, we’ve got you covered.

Case Study

Modernization of the Launch Verification Database (LVDB)

The Launch Verification Database is the cornerstone tool of the 2nd and 5th Space Launch Squadrons for successful mission launches. It enables Guardians to carry out the rigorous oversight and risk analysis required to complete the pre-flight review process.

The need for an improved tool became apparent during our EcoSystem Exploration when issues with a legacy mission assurance tool, built decades ago, were mentioned during interviews with the Spaceforce Responsible Engineers (SFREs). We knew the new tool would have to be scalable—the USSF is rapidly growing. We also knew the tool was going to need some customization as different sites and different launches have slightly different needs.

It was decided to use a highly customized commercial off-the-shelf solution to support quick deployment, significant configurability, and existing security infrastructure and support. We determined the Atlassian suite, specifically Jira and Confluence, as the best to meet these needs, and alongside the 2SLS and 5SLS went to work customizing. The result: today’s modern, enterprise-level LVDB solution.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

They have been essential in increasing our efficiencies, helping empower me and others to question more and improve processes, and introduced and trained us in tools to improve our operations.

JD Bower


They’ve been highly responsive and flexible as our requirements and even vision for various projects have changed. The rapid turnaround for updated versions of those projects have allowed us to solidify the concept and generate final products that are more useful and effective than we’d initially envisioned.

Captain James Trexler

5th Space Launch Squadron


We know there’s more than meets the eye. We get to the root of the issue and understand its impact within the context of your organization.


Implementing every solution all at once isn’t always feasible. That’s why we provide a solutions matrix to help clients easily prioritize.